July 16, 2021

A look at my traveling Studio+My favorite small businesses

By Catherine Wahlen
A look at my traveling Studio+My favorite small businesses
Welcome to my studio! I have no designated spot per say, and this week I have loved being in our small home library after we were gifted a table that fit perfectly! As you can see, I have a few stalkers 😉 All business and links are included throughout the post and I will link their Instagram’s at the bottom!
Today I am showing you my favorite gadgets in my studio plus small businesses you should totally check out! First up is my handy magic keyboard for the iPad. My iPad Pro hooks straight to it with a magnetized back and I don’t have the need for a laptop. It collapses flat, is lightweight, charges my Apple Pencil, and also my iPad all at once. I have also used it as an easel! Click Here
My next favorite studio find is the almighty Replica Surfaces. Versatile, lightweight, water resistant, and GORGEOUS! My favorites are of course the dark pieces plus anything wood. I currently use Mid Century on my Instagram Feed. It’s naturally lighted tones make it a breeze to edit. While they may be a pricier item in my arsenal, they are used everyday and worth their weight in gold.
🚨 SECRET ALERT 🚨 All of my photos and edits are done on my phone! You don’t need fancy equipment to take wonderful photos. It just takes practice and finding your vibe. I am still learning but don’t be afraid to use your phone! The phone cameras nowadays match almost any professional camera on the market today. I rarely edit outside my iPhones Gallery but when I do I recommend Lightroom. There are presets you can buy from your favorite content creators that make editing a breeze. Plus keeping it all on your phone makes posting and sharing easy peasy.
The other one you see me flash once in awhile was part of the limited edition Mediterranean collection. I am a collector of all things Delft so this one grabbed my attention. You can find the Replica Surfaces website here
    Shop Canvas Lamp
Next up on my favorite gadgets is the incredibly gorgeous and versatile Canvas Lamp! Owner’s Abby and Stuart invented this incredible piece of equipment with artists and creators in mind. The heavy base counteracts the weight of your phone, all the elbows move and lock, and the phone holder has a built in light for those of you who like it bright and airy!
I love that it is also esthetically pleasing, it blends right in with any room, and as you know my space is always moving. They just introduced new limited edition base colors AND a black stand (I never bought anything so fast) I use the lamp to take Flatlays, record videos, do transitions, and build all of my content. You can set your timer on your phone and easily snap shots hands free like a pro!
You can find Canvas and Replica on Instagram here:
I also highly recommend checking out @Paperlike, I use their matte screen protector on my iPad which is why you don’t see a glare in my hoodies and videos! But more about that later 😉 
Adios Muchachos,

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