June 30, 2021

All about that TEXTURE

By Catherine Wahlen
All about that TEXTURE
Ever hear of texture stacking?! This unique trick was taught to me by the all amazing Abbie_Uproot on Instagram years ago when I first started messing around with the iPad. Let me tell you, it is a GAME CHANGER.
Let’s take a gander at this oldie painted almost 3 years ago. On the left you see the “texture stack” aka digital paper, and on the right is the paint I laid down with no texture added. Not only does texture add depth, it can brighten/darken your canvas, make greens pop, and add atmospheric properties to an otherwise flat surface.
Here you can see how a texture stack is laid out, almost always over the top of ALL layers, with the opacity and layer settings set to various lights. Changing the layer settings ie linear burn, normal, and darken, sets the paper at different light spectrums. Normal will of course keep the paper complete opaque and solid. I personally use Linear Burn on nearly every canvas, it allows me to capture depth and texture while giving me those saturated colors you see on my IG feed.
Here you can see a few different ways to add texture:
Digital Paper with Texture Stacking
You can add texture with Procreate brushes by other artists or create your own! These texture brushes are by Abbie Uproot and included canvas and other styles.
The Noise feature in Procreate is also one of my favorite texture tools. Typically people want to edit out this grainy look from their photos, but I love that it gives an almost “pigment” like quality to my canvases. You can use it on layer mode or in pencil mode for more detailed spots like water or dirt.
I have three pre made canvases available in my shop (click here) simply down load and import to Procreate! If you are an iPad Air or Mini owner please use the Mini canvas I have set up for you as it is a smaller size. All canvases come with individual files or layers with the paper texture. You can easily copy and paste them to new canvases to use over and over again.
Want a more in depth tutorial for painting landscapes? Click here for my easy to follow classes!
I am more than happy to answer any questions you have both here on the blog or on any of my social media platforms, just ask away. Remember to have FUN, RELAX, and enjoy what you do!
I can’t wait to see what you create,

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