4th Gen Angled Capacitive Brush

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All 4th Gen Brushes are now shipping as of 4/11/22!
Create gorgeous digital paintings with the Fiberoptic Capacitive Brush and bring the feeling of painting back to your digital work! 4th Gen consists of a GREEN HANDLE and a one of a kind angled brush. You can also pair texture stacking with the use of our Digital Paper to create realistic looking digital watercolors! 
Our brushes are reactive with any iPad or iPhone model, no batteries & no charging needed. From shading to smudging, it’s versatile capabilities make it a must have in the digital art world. Our brushes are capacitive, requiring no Bluetooth connection or power. If your device require a pairing our brushes may not work for you.
Flat Brush measure 7.5” in length and consists of a lightweight handle. The opposite end houses our Sponge Stylus, which is compatible with most devices! 
For the best painting experience we highly recommend using the brush in your favorite iPad art app and we also enjoy these apps as well:
Procreate, Live Watercolor brushes in Adobe Fresco, Ibis Paint, and more.