Painting Tiny Trees in Procreate

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**To download and use this tutorial please use the app File Explorer to unzip all files**

Hello everyone! In this tutorial I teach you how to paint Tiny Moody Trees on the iPad using brushes from Abbi Uproot. Remember to layer your trees, use that Gaussian Blur or “water” as I want you to think of it, and of course HAVE FUN! Your piece may not look exactly like mine which is what makes YOU unique. Please do not hesitate to ask me questions, I am more than happy to help you out. I also love seeing all your work so tag me on social media!

Below I have the colors I used in the form of hexadecimal codes which you can plug into Procreate, but please feel free to mix your own paint to add your own flair and don’t forget to tag me! I love seeing all your artwork ❤️

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Hexadecimal color codes:






Simple copy and paste the codes in Procreate’s code box:

DIGITAL BRUSHES FOR THIS TUTORIAL: by Abbie Uproot via Instagram @abbie_uproot or and it is her Everything Watercolor Pack.

In this video I used:

Wet Bleed Edge, Seep Edge Bumpy, and Ipad Lettering’s Watercolor Blooms.


The Fiberoptic Capacitive Brush Stylus I am painting with is 3rd Generation and you can find them on my website as well as the texture stacking canvas I used in the video!