Digital Paper & Canvas

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My easy to use and install textured papers, plus ready to use 11x14” high resolution canvas help you get the look and feel of a traditional Textured painting while using the most versatile art app on the market, Procreate!

You purchase includes 3 distinct textured digital papers and 1 pre made canvas!

 Please not this is a larger canvas and cannot be opened in iPad Mini or Air. Please click here for the smaller version.

To install:

After purchase you will automatically receive an automated email containing your textured papers+a pre layered canvas as a zipped file. Simply use the app File Explorer to unzip the file, then drag and drop into Procreate! Use the layer settings to adjust your opacity and color options such as color burn, linear burn, overlay etc.

The pre stacked canvas comes with 3 textured papers all in a locked layer plus layers labeled for painting. The papers can be stored in File Explorer to use later if you wish.

**This purchase and format will ONLY work in the app PROCREATE. The seperate papers are in JPG format and may work in another program. Unfortunately at this time iPad Mini does not support the file space required for this download.**